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Jason Momoa Writing a 'Conan' Sequel?

Conan himself has big plans for the next Conan movie, and he's writing the script to prove it.

We've got some great interviews with the cast and crew of Conan the Barbarian coming up for you in the next week or so, but we couldn't wait to drop this little bit of news from Conan himself, Jason Momoa, who says he's writing a script for the sequel, provided of course that audiences come out for the first one. Time will tell if Momoa's story or script are actually utilized for Conan 2 - whatever it may be called - but until then he dropped some hints of what's coming next if he has his way. Here's a preview:

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alycakes3732d ago

Interesting that he'd go as far as to write a script without being asked....wonder if they will consider it at all or maybe take parts from it?