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Another New Trailer for 'Killer Elite' with Jason Statham Unleashed

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May the Best Man Live! One movie coming up this fall that isn't really on my radar yet is Killer Elite, the action flick starring Jason Statham, Robert De Niro and Clive Owen. A second trailer was found (via SlashFilm) this morning following the original trailer debut in June, and it's more countless action scenes edited together to form a badass, action-packed trailer, but I'm personally just not that excited for it. Maybe because we've seen all this before? The action does look good, and I want to see De Niro fighting, but I feel like Statham is just playing the same character over and over. Anyway, this is still worth watching, so enjoy!

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Sahil3724d ago

"I feel like Statham is just playing the same character over and over. " Now ask yourself, is that really a bad thing.

DarkBlood3724d ago

with the character he is plays alot, from the jason statham movies i started buying in the bulk that one day for some reason, after watching a few of them i really see him as him and not another character for some reason lol

not that its a bad thing or anything

alycakes3724d ago

Well...I like him doing his thing and in this movie since it's based on a true story I'm going to like him even better. He can flex his muscles any day in my book...but that's the female in me talking.

Quagmire3723d ago

Arnold was playing Arnold all those years, and no one complained.

alycakes3723d ago

You are so right Quagmire!