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Marvel Moving Ahead With 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Movie

First brought to attention in 2010, the feature film project about another fictional superhero team from Marvel comics is reportedly in active development.

After Thor, Captain America and Iron Man gather in "The Avengers", another superhero team from Marvel universe may follow in their footsteps to grace big screen. Sources recently said that Marvel is moving ahead with its plan to make a feature film version of "Guardians of the Galaxy", gushing that it is currently in "active development."

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alycakes3733d ago

I was not familiar with these particular superheros. I never read their comics or saw any cartoons if there were I can't say either way if this is good or bad. I think so far Marvel has had some excellent choices so I'm willing to give them a chance on this and see what they come up with in the future.

Grandclover3732d ago

The Marvel and DC movies are getting over saturated. There needs to be some orignality and the rehashing of old comics is starting to get overdone. I know it seems like easy money but the green lantern not to mention some others should show that this is getting out of hand.