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LRA: Your Highness - Blu-ray Review

LRA writes: Your Highness doesn't shoot very high with its particular brand of comedy but its grasp far outweighs its reach in this case. Even on a second viewing (completely sober and non-intoxicated mind you) I still find myself laughing my ass off at the crude but spot on humor. I still do not understand the hatred many feel towards the movie, I understand that perhaps they expected something a little more highbrow than what is given to us but that doesn't mean the film misses its target. With some great action sequences, some dazzling effects and a Minotaur penis how could anyone go wrong with this harmless piece of fluff.

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Grandclover3725d ago

I'd watch anything with Mrs. Portman in it. Ugh i even watched Black Swan, weird mix between aroused and creeped out the hole time.