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Robert Ben Garant to Adopt Japanese Graphic Novel 'Tuxedo Gin' For Disney

Deadline Writes:
Night At The Museum co-writer Robert Ben Garant has just been set by Disney to write Tux, an adaptation of the Japanese graphic novel Tuxedo Gin. The film will be produced by Principato-Young's Paul Young and Peter Principato, VIZ Media's Jason Hoffs, and Shogakukan's Ichiro Takase. The rights to the Tokihiko Matsuura-created Japanese property, which were controlled by Shogakukan in Japan and VIZ Media in the US, took almost two years to close. The talks actually started before Rich Ross and Sean Bailey took over the studio.

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Grandclover3733d ago

The americanization of forign films and cartoons is nice IMO. I used to watch anime when i was young and when i got older i had a hard time understanding the stories or the emotions behind what people where doing and why. I like it when there given a western spin i feel like i get much more involved with the characters that way.

Megaton3732d ago

I could not possibly disagree with that more if I tried. Americanization of foreign film and animation is little more than a "dumbing down", IMO.

Grandclover3730d ago

Yup, that would be why we have Opinions, although mine never implied you were dumb. Ohh well. I do enjoy Mindless action movies. So i suppose im no Oscar judge.

alycakes3733d ago

I myself never watched them when I was young but have started paying more attention to them as I've gotten older and I happen to like them a lot. I don't like all of them but some of them have been really good.