Sony Schedules 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' for May 2014

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that a sequel to 2012's 'The Amazing Spider-Man' has already been approved. That's right, a sequel already approved a year before the first movie is even out!

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alycakes3734d ago

That should give them enough time to get the movie done right...don't you think?

RyuStrife3734d ago

Well they seem to want to get it done and start filming ASAP. Milking the franchise you can call it.

DarkBlood3734d ago

they better throw in Venom in one of those futurefilms perhaps if they are doing more then 3 put it somewhere in the middle

though id prefer it to be the last as i understand *but dont follow the comic stuff* from the comic world green goblin is the orginal iconic character that should be for the last film or 2?

Quagmire3733d ago

Have a teaser in the end of Spider Man 2 which shows the birth/creation of Venom, so that he may be fully exposed in 3.

DarkBlood3733d ago

yeah like the black stuff jumping fast attaching it self to someone or jump at you in the screen as a way of saying it could be anyone then cut to black screen

that might get some people hyped

Soldierone3733d ago

Venom needs to be done properly in my mind. Spidey should have the black suit for half to a full movie, and then fully develop Venom correctly. Don't have 5 other characters trying to develop next to him.

They need to develop that character for a lot longer than they did in 3.

Its like how Spidey was getting those "problems" in Spider-Man 2 and we thought he was getting the extra arms, but it never happened.

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Soldierone3733d ago

This is dumb in my opinion. The first one isn't even out, its not even close to being out. What if we totally hate it? Now your screwed with the second one.

I don't know if its due to the new contract with Disney and the obvious want from Disney/Marvel to get their characters back or what. Calm down, let it grow.

alycakes3733d ago

I agree...I was just saying that to someone the other day....that maybe they might be getting just a little ahead of themselves. I know that sometimes they don't have a choice but it still seems crazy.

Sahil3733d ago

I remember two years ago when they said they would make a sequel to Star Trek a week before the film came out. And everyone thought it was ridiculous. Now this a year before. Wow.

Grandclover3732d ago

Agreed, they need to release a movie before getting my all hyped up on the next. This is weird.