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The 8 Superheroes Who Represent American Ideals Better Than Captain America

TMP takes a satirical look at the 8 superheroes who represent modern American ideals far better than that goody-goody Captain America.

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Yi-Long3726d ago

... no Booster Gold...!? ;)

darklordzor3726d ago

Ah! That would have been a good one too! Very nice. My personal favorite is the Ninja Turtles one, but then again I'm a turtle lover!

Arcee3725d ago

That's what I thought when I got the gist of the piece.

RyuStrife3726d ago

Pretty funny. I thought of something else, but this was entirely different.

Arcee3725d ago

So did I, but still a funny list.

Lord_Sloth3725d ago

Anti American comments and articles are so plentiful these days.

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