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Rise of the Planet of the Apes Review at Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed looks at the new prequel in the Planet of the Apes saga and liked what they saw despite a story that requires several leaps of faith.

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ashysda13724d ago

this looks like a bad knockoff of planet in the apes, what do you guys think

SantistaUSA3723d ago

To me is the best planet of the apes movie, answered a lot of questions, for me anyway. Very enjoyable.

Garethvk3724d ago

Honestly, I was actually suprised at how much I liked it. Yes it had some plot holes but I think the review captured it well. I let a staffer do it as I did my reviews on radio, but I did edit this one.

It is doing very well at the box office, the FX are great, and it does explain things in both the original and prequel series in a good way.

AO1JMM3724d ago

I've heard that its actually a pretty good movie.

RELIGHT3723d ago

I saw this movie yesterday and it's actually very good. It's probably the best Planet of the Apes movie I've seen.

Arthas3723d ago

I'd say that this is without a doubt the best planet of the apes movie i've ever seen. Not only were the special effects completely on point the entire time, the story was easy to digest.I personally work at an Alzheimer's facility and the "search for a cure" touched me on a very personal level, making it a fantastic and believable journey.

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