Anne Hathaway As Catwoman Officially Revealed - The Dark Knight Rises

Catwoman has officially been revealed via the official site,

Also included are some set pics which give a better look at the character.

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Crazay3735d ago

Hate to say it but she looks awful.

darklordzor3735d ago

Well the bad part is this is really just a terrible angle. I mean, she's sitting hunched over on the Batpod coming straight at us. We can't really see anything. I'm waiting for a clearer pic of her and the outfit before really passing judgment on it.

NAGNEWS3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

her first costume

like iron man or batman

-Superman-3734d ago

I was hoping to see him in tights... but he wears no tights :(

Pebz3734d ago

Anne Hathaway is (allegedly) a woman.

darklordzor3735d ago

Personally I'm really curious as to why she's on the Batpod. Every other fanboy in the world is bitching right now because she doesn't look exactly how they want her too, but no one is focusing on the story details of what would put her on the Batpod!

Seriously, I'm getting tired of these fanboys. With just about everything else (even a fairly dull teaser trailer) all they've said is how much they trust Nolan and have complete faith in him. Then this picture comes out and all of those same fans are throwing out claims like "if she doesn't put on a mask at some point, I'm done with this movie", or "fail, this movie is now going to suck". What a bunch of freaking hypocrites.

If you actually have faith in the director then HAVE FAITH. Don't start calling it a fail when it's still a year away and this is one damn picture. All right...Rant over.

Peaceful_Jelly3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

dude, she looks silly. A woman wearing a black skin suit with boots and futuristic looking motocross googles. Can't get more generic than that!

darklordzor3735d ago

It has nothing to do with how she looks. I actually agree and am not disputing that. I'm just tired of these fans who sing Nolan's praises but then are the first to jump off the bandwagon at the tiniest thing.

Despite how she looks, it doesn't change how much I want to see this movie, nor shake my faith that Nolan knows what he's doing.

Crazay3735d ago

I've been against her as a casting choice from the beginning. Partly because I don't like her and partly because I don't think she can pull off the sultry femme fatale role. So while I trust that Nolan knows what he's doing, I've been slightly concerned that this movie may not end up as the epic film it has all the potential to be.

I'm afraid that the look of what she's got going and her character as a whole, just may be an Achilles heel for this flick.

pipipi3734d ago

HARSH BUT TRUE. stupid fanboys or wannabes better get a life nnnnneeeerrdds this movie is going to be awesome!!! i hate those guys, seriously they are everywere from gaming to movies etc

Sahil3735d ago

I know Nolan knows what he's doing, but her costume looks SUPER lame.

alycakes3735d ago

Totally agree...and it's not that she looks awful but she doesn't really look like Catwoman or even like herself for that matter. Maybe it is the angel we're looking at but something is different.

Lord_Sloth3734d ago

Nolan doesn't know what he's doing. He's taking a story about a DC Comic book Super Hero and making it more realistic. That is a flaw in and of itself!

jwalkerz3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

it show her holding a mask in this images

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The story is too old to be commented.