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FTG-Nerd Review: The Change Up (Movie)

FTG Nerd’s own Batman5273 reviews The Change Up, starring Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds, the latest movie from the director of Wedding Crashers and the writer of The Hangover.

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Imp0ssibl33375d ago

Meh, not surprised... EXACTLY what I was expecting!

maxcavsm3375d ago

Oh, look, another "body switch" movie. I know Hollywood is running out of ideas, but come on.

smikey11233375d ago

I think this will definitely be a netflix instant for me. thanks.

Grandclover3375d ago

I thought the previews where funny as heck. Lol, the wives nagging at him (Jason Bateman who ryan renolds is in his body) "How do you shut this off" lol ohh im prolly just stupid.