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First Pic of the New Superman and History of the Older Costumes

Just released by Warner Bros Pictures is the first look of Henry Cavill as Superman:Man of Steel. We also take a look at past Superman costumes from George Reeves to Brandon Routh.

P.S. The last one is a doozy!

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maxcavsm3736d ago

What in the hell...this guy looks...wrong.

SantistaUSA3736d ago

To me he looks like a villain!

Main_Street_Saint3736d ago

Put green colored visors and he would resemble the eradicator to me.

-Superman-3736d ago

Whats wrong? This movie is going to be dark :D

Tuxedo_Mask3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

What is with the fabric? I was afraid this would happen, they want to make Superman dark like Nolan did for Batman in Batman Returns/The Dark Knight, but what works for Batman won't work for Superman. Superman and Batman are two almost completely opposite characters, the choice to replace Routh doesn't seem too good now. I know some people don't care that the new guy is British, but I really think Superman should be played by either an American or at the very least a Canadian.

Edit: I just realized, no matter how good this movie might end up being it's doomed to fail because Kevin Costner is in it. His best role was in The Big Chill.

NovusTerminus3736d ago

The fabric is a good change. And they used it to add detail. If you have solid silky blue like he does in the comic is looks strange in real life. So they use this to add more detail into the outfit he is wearing. Otherwise it's just tights, which would be more akin to Superman on Ice.

Comic book clothing does not translate well.

As for Kevin Costner... Damn! I did not want someone like him in the movie!

But in any case, most superman movies mess up due to the lack of or badly portrayed action and combat. With Zack Snyder at the helm I am hoping for some badass displays in the movie!

Dannycr3736d ago

I fine with the look. I'm hoping for a more serious Superman and I want it to be as far away from the Richard Donner's Supes as possible.

I want a serious Superman with a serious challenge like Doomsday, Darkseid, Metallo, whatever. The fact that Chris Nolan is writing the script and producing gives me hope of this needed change. I'm pretty sure he knows that what works for Batman will not work for Superman. You can't expect realism from Superman.

Gaetano3736d ago

The costume needed to get darker and the character rougher for any new Superhero movie to appeal to audiences. Light blue spandex and red underwear is not an appealing look.

RyuStrife3736d ago

We need another shot. This one is too dark to see other details. One more shot to complement this picture.

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The story is too old to be commented.