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First Look At Henry Cavill As Superman In Man Of Steel

It won't hit screens until 2013, but here's your first sneak peek at Henry Cavill as the Man Of Steel, in Zack Snyder's new take on Superman

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darklordzor3727d ago

I'm actually really digging it. I know it's a promo shot so it's not taken from the film and the background looks like photoshopped crap...but the actual suit and pose Henry Cavill has is great. I'm totally digging it.

Crazay3726d ago

Its about EFFING TIME!

I'm all over this picture. I'm actually more and more excited about this movie and the casting choice they made for this. He's definitely bulked up and with another month or 2 before principal photography starts he;s gonna be jacked man. The costume looks sharp but the only thing missing is the Superman curl.

Well done!

darklordzor3726d ago

I thought filming was going to be starting in the next couple weeks. That's the last I heard.

Oh and he's already jacked from the Immortals...all they really did for this movie was bulk him up instead of keeping him lean. I'm really glad that he's a buff Superman, though that makes it difficult to take the Clark Kent part seriously.

Sahil3726d ago

Great!!! and Cavill really pumped out, for the picture it looks like there's gonna be a lot of action, buuut I dont really get the hair, it looks wierd, other wise looks fenomenal!!!

alycakes3726d ago

He's cool alright and I think he's going to be great as Superman...I'm just still mad about Perry White.

Grandclover3726d ago

Not a fan, i like tom welling.

Quagmire3725d ago

Would've been a brilliant tie-in for him to continue playing Superman from Smallville into this, but whatever... Promo pic looks good.

Grandclover3723d ago

Ohh i agree, Overall Im still and always will be a "Superman" fan. I'll watch it, i was just bummed with BJ's role in "Superman Returns" Mainly because i knew the guy....ok he used to be a life guard at our pool in Norwalk Iowa he was like 8 years older then me, but i remember how the town errupted when he landed the role. He even got them to release the movie at our dinkie theater and i came home from college to watch it and i still cry a little from time to time.

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