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Kutcher ‘Men’ Role Revealed

Ottawa Sun says:

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIF. - CBS president Nina Tassler clearly had practised two and a half words when she faced TV critics on Wednesday and was peppered with questions about Two and a Half Men.


Tassler used that word repeatedly to describe new cast member Ashton Kutcher. Translation: Kutcher is not Charlie Sheen, whose public meltdown led to his firing from the show earlier this year.


Tassler used that word repeatedly to describe everything about Two and a Half Men, be it the writing or the acting or the attitude on set.

And the half-word?

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Sahil3726d ago

Aston is a great actor but neither he nor anyone else can replace Charlie Sheen... Two and a Half Men will not be the same from now on.

alycakes3726d ago

I know....I've always said that. I know Charlie strayed and went the wrong way but that doens't mean that the show is going to make it without him. I'm still going to miss the old Charlie.

Soldierone3725d ago

At the same time he was somewhat selfish in his acts. When he left he wanted the whole show to be done with. So all the other actors/actresses now don't have jobs, all the writers, and so on.

Kinda sucks for whoever was his girlfriend last, shes going to be gone. At least I hope. Yeah I know thats contradicting, but I hope at the very LEAST Ashton brings younger women to the show and if he is stuck with her that means there isn't a slot to fill.

alycakes3725d ago

I totally one else should suffer for his selfish and distructive acts. I am just saying that the character he played at the beginning is the one I'm going to miss. You could tell that last year that he was kind of going down hill even by the way he looked.

James Vanderbeek3726d ago

so a goofy model looking white guys is going to replace party animal, porn star banging, drug addict charlie sheen? this is going to fail big time.

Grandclover3725d ago

Nevermind his offscreen antics its his personal life or atleast i think this is america i live in. Chuck Lorre got butt hurt because sheen was just telling it like it is. IF sheen wasn't and was just making stuff up ole chuck would have let it roll of his shoulder and into the huge pile of money SHEEN made for him. Classic case of GOD complex, just like when Steven speilburg (executive producer) got Megan "Smokn hot" Fox fired for making the joke " Micheal bay runs his set like hitler" People say the actors have the egos, please the directors and producers have the same issue....