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FilmFracture Review: Warrior

Kathryn Schroeder of FilmFracture writes: "Warrior is a film about MMA fighting and there is more than enough time in the ring to satisfy any sports genre fan. This is also a movie about family, and pain. A great deal of pain actually. Tommy, Brendan, and Paddy have a great amount of issues to overcome as a family and as individual men. Tommy being the one with the most secrets, that have a tendency to be revealed at the most inopportune times but with great effect for the viewer to keep the momentum of the story going. The performances of the three actors, whether alone or together on screen, make Warrior a much more gratifying experience because the battles in the ring mean more than just winning, they stand-in for the struggles each man faces, and must overcome, in order to find the closure they need to live the rest of their life in a state of contentment. The story is compelling, if not generic, and it manages to satiate the desire of a viewer to get their fill of sports action and familial drama films such as this are meant to provide. "

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