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FilmFracture Review: Superheroes

Kathryn Schroeder of FilmFracture writes: "The Superhero, a modern-day myth of a man, or woman, who protects the innocent. Or more humorously, according to the Urban Dictionary's number one definition: a person who is looked up to, fights crime and looks good in tights (the latter is not a must). The image of a person in tights, or some sort of costume that masks their face from public view so they may lead a normal existence outside of the crime fighting world is a common visual for the superhero. It is also common, and deemed sane, to understand and reason that superhero's do not exist in reality. There are no superpowers, fancy gadgets, cars that can turn into boats at the flip of a switch or palms that shoot spiderwebs so one can swing from building to building. The man of steel is fictitious. Even Batman, who has no actual "superpower" cannot be real. But what if there were superheroes? What if men and woman, in costumes (or uniform) patrolled the streets at night, thwarting would-be criminals and cleaning up the streets of your very own Gotham City? In Director Michael Barnett's documentary Superheroes the myth of the superhero becomes a reality, as everyday citizens in cities around the United States of America (and Canada too) are indeed taking on the role of superhero."

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Garethvk3727d ago

Intesresting film wasnt it? I think a few may have a screw loose but their hearts are in the right place.

Garethvk3726d ago

Typo with a taped finger, sorry.

FilmFracture3726d ago

It happens to the best of us. :)