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Is Leslie Mann the New Madeline Kahn?

MovieLine - During yesterday’s discussion of the new Funny Girl, Lea Michele, and Barbra Streisand, we took a look back at Babs’ hilarious 1972 comedy What’s Up, Doc? and wondered who is 2011’s equivalent of Madeline Kahn. How foolish we were. The answer is not Jayma Mays or Ari Graynor, but rib-tickling Change-Up star Leslie Mann. It’s a relief to finally get this right. Join Movieline ahead to compare Mann and Kahn’s filmographies, characters, and penchant for cray-cray.

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Sahil3735d ago

Isn't Elizabeth Banks the new Leslie Mann?

newn4gguy3734d ago

There will NEVER be another Madeline Kahn.

...and I'm a big fan of Leslie Mann.

Arcee3734d ago

I love Leslie Mann, but I agree; no one can be Madeline Kahn. She may be like her in many respects, but not her.