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First Look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Set of The Dark Knight Rises

The avalanche of pictures from the Pittsburgh set of The Dark Knight Rises over the last couple of days have unveiled yet another of its cast.

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Draken-F3732d ago

This Movie Is gonna Kick Ass, lots of good Actor and Actresess here

pipipi3731d ago

too bad it is the last one (cryes)

Soldierone3731d ago

Did anyone see Conan behind the scenes footage of Batman? Everytime I see these stories now I can't help but to laugh :P

tarbis3731d ago

Can't wait to watch this on IMAX. =D

darklordzor3731d ago

Is it just me, or does that blue shirt make JGL look like an old man? Probably just me.

On the whole, I'm now growing tired of all these set pics. Much like I was tired of all the casting news. I understand that TDKR is a big movie, but not every single tiny scrap of info needs to have it's own full news article. It's just too overwhelming.

ThatArtGuy3731d ago

JGL reminds me of a young Robert DeNiro.

RyuStrife3731d ago

Waiting on the film. I enjoyed the Dark Knight quite a bit.

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