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IGN - Daniel Craig Talks About Bond 23

IGN - Cowboys and Aliens director Jon Favreau recently interviewed Daniel Craig, and they talked about Bond 23.

When Favreau asked about the involvement of Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes, Craig responded.

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Yi-Long3726d ago

... or better than Casino Royale.

I was SO disappointed with Quantum of Solace, which lacked the depth of CR, and they had just turned it into a short action-movie instead of a Bond movie, and even as an action-movie it failed miserably, because of the MTV-style editing and shaky-cam... :(

I hope Sam Mendes can make this a proper Bond-flick again.

Quagmire3725d ago

Sam Mendes made American Beauty and Road to Perdition.

Nuff Said. Bond 23 is gonna be epic.

alycakes3726d ago

I'm looking forward to it. Either way I want to see it. I like Craig a lot so I don't think he'll disappoint too much.

Sahil3726d ago

PLEASE Don't bring the stupid and unrealistic gadgets back... yes my car goes invisible. and yes i have a bag i can shove up my ess. Keep it Realistic. Like cars with the ejector seats.

Grandclover3725d ago

I think this guy is the best bond of all time. Mainly because im an action junkie and all the other bonds always felt so stiff and one dimensinol. This guy is so fast and quick, i love it.

Quagmire3725d ago

Put all 4 Bonds in a room, and see who comes out of there alive.

Daniel Craig definitely.