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Chuck: Morgan will Fight Luke Skywalker (Well, Mark Hamill)

IGN - It was revealed at Comic-Con that none other than Mark Hamill will be appearing in the Chuck season premiere as a villain, and when I spoke to Chuck stars Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez about Hamill last night at the NBC TCA (Television Critics Association) party, they revealed their first day working with Hamill was actually going to be today – Tuesday, August 2nd.

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Christopher3726d ago

Eh, dislike that they put the Intersect into Morgan. Just didn't make much sense and they're just dangling the damn carrot even further.

Sahil3725d ago

I want them to have a sword fight with civil war sabres,lol.Then they can deflect light off the sabre into his eyes and cut off his hand,TADA!

Grandclover3725d ago

Spolier, didn't know Morgan has a intersect now. I usally get way behind on that show and just catch up when i have a free night or two, oh well good stuff, i already hate the idea too but ill see how they do it. The mark hamil thing is cool though, i like that he didn't disappear after star wars even though he easly could have.