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Harrison Ford 'Annoyed' by The Smurfs

Harrison Ford has weighed in to last weekend's box office fight: Cowboys & Aliens versus Smurfs, telling talk show host Conan O'Brien he is 'annoyed' by The Smurfs.

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Grandclover4725d ago

Id be annoyed to if i fought as hard as i did to get beat by smurfette lol.


The Successful De-Aging of Indy is Concerning for the Future of Deepfakes in Movies

Shaz from FL writes: “Deepfake tech has been around for years, and Hollywood is no stranger to using it. But the new ‘Indiana Jones’ movie shows we need to be careful.”

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The Smurfs at 65: Movie Madness

With The Smurfs celebrating their 65th anniversary in 2023, let's look at The Smurf movie catalogue stretching all the way to the 1970s.

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Shrinking Episode 8 Recap and Review: Jimmy Takes the Center Stage | Leisurebyte

Shrinking Episode 8 revolves around Jimmy, Paul and Brian trying to rescue Alice from the Vespa guy.

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