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LRA: A Little Help - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: It's not often that I will drop what I am doing to seek out (and that is exactly what I had to do with this one) a movie based solely on the appeal of its leading lady. It's not so much that I love the work of Jenna Fischer, the only major thing she has been a part of that I have seen is the television show The Office along with some smaller roles in movies most notably in the underrated Walk Hard. But I can see a lot of potential for her as an actress just like I did many years ago with the likes of Eva Green and Rose Byrne both of whom have gone on to have great careers. Going into that empty theater in the middle of the week I was fairly optimistic despite not knowing a thing about the movie I was going to watch which is usually how I prefer it. My wait for her breakout role will have to continue though because although Jenna gives it her all this is not the movie it tried to be and should have been.

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