The Daily Rotation: The Change-Up Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Jason Bateman plays an excellent Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Reynolds plays an excellent Jason Bateman in this latest body switching film, The Change-Up. The premise has been done a thousand times before, but it has never turned out as funny as The Change-Up. I will warn viewers that this is really an R-rated movie. It compacts as much cursing and nudity that you can possibly fit in an R-rating and boy is it funny! It’s not really anything original or something you’ve just been dying to see, but it’s really damn funny and that’s all that matters when you’re expecting a comedy. Horrible Bosses was supposed to be the perfect R-rated summer comedy fix and that managed to be very unfunny and just flat out boring. The Change-Up on the other hand will have you laughing the whole running time!"

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SRC4079d ago

Good review, still iffy on this one though.