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Will The DC Universe Reboot Impact Movies

TMP: "There is something extremely huge happening in the comic book world. DC Comics, one of the largest and most well known comic book companies, is revamping its entire line up of comics. What this means is 52 (The New 52 as it’s being called) of DC Comics series’ will all be back at issue number one. While I am personally excited for this reboot and will be heading out at midnight to pick up tons of the new issues, I can’t help but think where else this will lead. How will this affect other portions of the industry DC/WB are a part of? Such as movies, television, books, and so on. Will they all have to be revamped to meet these new “standards” or will they remain untouched?"

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darklordzor3540d ago

On the whole, I'm not really sure it's going to affect the movies all that much. The truth is, WB generally understands that comic book fans want to see the heroes and stories that they grew up with. Since the reboot won't take all of that into account, there's no way the movies are going to stick solely with the reboots.

Hell, just look at DC's announcement that their next animated film is going to be based on Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. That definitely doesn't go with the new 52, but their still making it.

I think the reboot is really for the comics and will help bring new readers to comics. I know I haven't picked up an actual individual comic issue in years (Normally go with TPB for the big events), simply because for many years I was out of the comics scene and can't possibly pick back up on all that's happened. So I feel lost. With the reboot I have the chance to start over and fresh.

As far as the movies go though...I'm sure they'll be sticking with the older source material. I mean, until the new 52 really gets established, there just aren't any plot lines to pull from it yet for a film.

Soldierone3539d ago

Yeah I was talking about that too. I don't expect it to be immediate. The only thing I see being so soon would be something cosmetic (costume, character style, something along those lines). The movies generally change the origin in some ways anyways to make it more modern.

However its once the series gets going, and perhaps Hollywood actually tries to make a good story and not some origin crap, which stories will they follow?

darklordzor3539d ago

I think that question really depends on how well the new 52 stories are. If they can strike a chord with audiences and fans, then there's no reason for a movie not to take some influences from it.

As for the costumes...the movies will always come up with their own look. For me that's part of the fun with CBMs: how will the suit look?

RyuStrife3538d ago

I'd like to catch that up with the comics. I've not gotten into these comics recently.

Arcee3539d ago

My opinion, as both a comic book fan and a movie fan, is that the reboots will have no impact at all. As it is, comic book movies NEVER follow the stories in comic books at all. They use the comics as a starting off point, but that is about it.

Take a look at DC's and Marvel's movies. The X-Men franchise is so off from the source but in terms of being a movie they were still successful. The old and new Batman movies don't follow the comic stories even remotely but you can see where they were influenced by certain events in the comics.

The animated front is even less likely to follow the comic book story lines. With the exception of some of the Warner Premiere ones, most of the animated series and movies (especially from Marvel) really just are related to the comics in spirit. That is not to say that they are bad, on the contrary, I am a fan of most of them; it is just that they never follow the actual stories of the comics in either way.

That is just how I feel though.