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Tense Talks Between AMC and Sony Over 'Breaking Bad'

LA Times says:

Tense negotiations are underway between the cable network AMC and Sony Television, producer of "Breaking Bad," over a deal for a fifth and probably final season of the critically acclaimed drama.

Talks seemed to reach an impasse last week when Sony sent feelers to at least three other cable networks about taking "Breaking Bad" should an agreement with AMC fall through, said two people with knowledge of the matter who requested anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the talks.

To be sure, negotiations between networks and producers are often heated. As shows age, they become more expensive as actors' and producers' paychecks get bigger with success. Both sides have indictated that they hope to reach a pact that will keep "Breaking Bad" on AMC.

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Crazay3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

I can't see why Sony would want the season to only be half the regular season. I know there's been talk about Season 5 being the final one but why would they cut it in half - Its one of the best shows on TV and regularly gets very high ratings.

KILLERAPP3738d ago

Is not Sony, is AMC they want to do a fifth and final season but need money cut back and said they would do a fifth season only if it was 6 episodes since they have already given too much money to Mad Men and there also cutting back the Walking Dead budget... Breaking bad is the best show on TV and AMC is piss it on it that why Sony is looking for other networks but if they do the only way other networks would accept if they do more than one season with them so breaking bad would last two or three season more...

Soldierone3738d ago

I think it would honestly be one of the biggest mistakes the show could have. AMC would lose more money losing the show than they would just upping the budget and doing a full season....they finish it out, they get DVD sales and all the marketing etc...

However it leaves and Sony gets it picked up by some other channel, maybe something more mainstream, and this network is going to want more out of it. So it will get milked and changed in ways it shouldn't which could very easily ruin it.