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Jordan's Obligatory Blog- Captain America: The First Avenger Review

Jordan Minor writes: The best thing about this great movie is that it feels complete. Like the war movies Captain America: The First Avenger is emulating, its story is epic in scope. It makes sense when you consider how long it would take a vaguely impotent weakling like Steve Rogers to not only become Captain America but also wage this whole secret war against Hugo Weaving and German Karl Rove/Toby Jones’s alternate Nazis. It tells the saga of this man and his legacy as a symbol which is exactly what a Captain America movie should be.

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RyuStrife4028d ago

Still haven't seen it. Is it worth it, especially mixed reviews and mixed reactions from people.

akaFullMetal4027d ago

I would say its a pretty good movie, funny, entertaining, and has a good ending to start the avengers movie.