First Trailer For Epic Shaolin With Jackie Chan

CinemaBlend says:

China has such an incredible history it's no surprise that so many of their films operate on such an epic scale. From dynastic rule dating back to 207o BC to the Cultural Revolution in the mid-21st century, it all provides an incredible backdrop for any story a filmmaker wants to tell. It also doesn't hurt to have a society that includes the always awesome Shaolin Monks.

The first trailer for Benny Chan's Shaolin has arrived online. Set during China's warlord era, General Hao Jie (Andy Lau) is successfully leading a military campaign across China when he is betrayed and his deputy (Nicholas Tse) tries to have him killed. Taking shelter in a Shaolin temple, Hao Jie begins to train as one of them. When the warlords come to take the temple, however, the hero is forced to fight back.

Check out the trailer below.

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moviecricket3738d ago

Nice to see lots of practical effects and Jackie in a more suitable role for his age. Epic action.

Crazay3738d ago

Ya this looks like a crazy high tempo action flick. Sadly I'll likely never see it because I can't stand subtitles.

Yi-Long3738d ago

... surely it's much better than having to cope with some horrible dub!?

I wonder if Shaolin will be released uncut, or butchered and incomplete as is usual with asian cinema in the west...

Crazay3738d ago

I can't stand subs because I find them distracting and taking away from the movie causing me to miss things that I would otherwise rather see.

krazykombatant3737d ago

Kinda wish jackie chan and jet lee would do a serious movie together

kulka3737d ago

that would be class always enjoyed Shaolin movies :D