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Movie Ticket Prices Continue To Go Up Despite Shrinking Audiences

CinemaBlend says:

It was less than 20 years ago that you could go to a movie theater, take a five dollar bill out of your wallet and go to a movie. Albeit not adjusted for inflation, the average ticket price in 1998 was $4.69 and today that number has gone up to an estimated $7.97. Movie prices have been inflating since 1993, but what's really strange about it is that it seems to run completely contrary to the movie theater business plan: get as many people as you can into the theater and make them buy overpriced food at the concession stand. In recent years, however, that strategy has taken a backseat due to the rise of 3D and IMAX and now it seems theaters are starting to pay for it.

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moviecricket3373d ago

It's so frustrating, as a movie fan I think we are getting ripped off royally by the multiplexes. I usually try and go to an independant cinema in Manchester near where I live as it's cheaper and they show more indie movies which is a nice change from the dumb downed blockbusters

darklordzor3373d ago

I agree. But I don't exactly blame the theaters either. They get reamed by the studios (which take the majority of their money), but at the same time there are things they need to do to improve the experience.

Crazay3373d ago

I'm sure that the theaters are more than making up for what is sent back to the studios in the food and the excessive prices they charge.

Soldierone3373d ago

I agree with the studio part. Here studios have made it so you can't use passes for the first two weeks of any movie. So any employee passes, free passes you won, anything except if you paid for an advanced ticket.

However most theaters get their majority back within two or three weeks. Its somewhere around 80 percent goes to studios the first week, then it drops to 60 the second.

Its a really dirty business and needs to be fixed if they want to get anywhere.

moviecricket3373d ago

True mate I paid £2.30 for a small bottle of water at the cinema when i saw captain america, that's like $5. For Water. I'm a fool.

Crazay3373d ago

It's no different here in Canada. between $5-6 for a bottle of water and about the same for a large soda which costs them pennies to make.

darklordzor3373d ago

Which is why I never buy theater food anymore. I just can't bring myself to pay those prices. I'm much happier just drinking from the water fountain.

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Garethvk3373d ago

I talked with some theater people and they said what they get from tickets barely keeps the lights on. Its concessions where they make a fortune as that 11.00 popcorn and soda costs them about 75 cents and most of that is for the box and cup.

The other issue is that the cost for the new 3D was excessive so they demanded more product and thats why we see so many crappy 3D converts as studios promised larger numbers of 3D films.

Harkins which is a big chain here in AZ and has theaters in CA. Does a great job, better than many. In WA Cinemark was in with a cup you could refill at a lower price.

Harkins sells you a cup for 6 with a drink and lets you refill for a buck all year.

They sell you a shirt for 25.00. But if you bring it in or wear it free medium popcorn and you can pay 1.00 more for a large or 1.50 for a mega both with refills. They also give you free flavored toppings.

It is nice when screening a film to be able to get snacks for 2.50. I think its a great move and I wish more would do it.

Crazay3373d ago

That's not so bad actually. it's a decent ploy to get ppl to spend their money upfront and hopefully, they forget their cups/shirts when they come out next time. On the other hand, if you go to movies alot, and can remember to bring these things, then it's a pretty sweet deal.

Garethvk3373d ago

One staffer told me he has 6 or 7 cups sitting in his house. I leave ours in the car since almost every screener here is at their cinemas. I just have them rinse the cup show the shirt still in the package and off we go.

Soldierone3373d ago

Totally agree, its because of this we are able to go to the movies so often. Harkins is always full of people constantly, and almost every single person that walks through the door buys something from concession. Even at a dollar they are still making money. On top of that the fact you just paid for the future means you will come back, its a perfect plan.

AMC on the other hand, have you ever tried to go there? yuck. If Harkins wasn't around we would never be able to afford to go to movies....I have about 6 or 7 cups myself. I got 2 of them because people leave them after the movie and i take them lol.

moviecricket3373d ago

In the UK we have thing called Orange Wednesday where if you have a mobile on the Orange network you can get 2 for 1 cinema tickets which is pretty cool but it means the screenings are jamm packed.

MinimeJer053373d ago

I would really love to see prices go down or MoviePass things get approved. I see so many damn movies and it would be great to get a break every once in awhile! Luckily some local cinemas are offering rewards programs that outdo AMC's Stub program. What a joke! You only get a 10 dollar giftcard after spending 100 dollars!

A local promotion has points earned for every dollar spent with the payoff coming after every 20 points. From free sodas, tickets to an awesome 100 point total of a free ticket to ANY release plus a large popcorn and soda!

Also, another local chain has been doing the 5 dollar tickets all day and night from M to TH. This is awesome considering they just opened up and have brand new Sony digital projectors. And there IMAX 3D tickets are only 7.50 during this promotion.

MinimeJer053372d ago

There was a company that tried getting off the ground a few weeks ago and they were planning on doing a pass for 50 a month, but you could only see movies once a day and once per actual movie. It had tons of flaws, but still could have led to something better.

But AMC Theatres and several other chains weren't going to accept such passes so it became dead in the water.

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