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Marvel Moving Ahead With Doctor Strange

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As Marvel mines the depths of their character catalog for big screen properties one thing has become clear: They are rapidly coming to the end of the big, mainstream characters and, if they are to continue, things are going to get weird. Hardcore fans of the label have been waiting for the weird factor to crank up and recent Marvel entries have nodded to the supernatural, cosmic side of the Marvel Universe with elements of both Thor and Captain America leaning in that direction. But for all that Thor is a god and Captain America showed off the Cosmic Cube that's still not the real thing. If you want Cosmic Marvel you want Doctor Strange.

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Crazay3729d ago

I can't help but wonder if we may see Tom Welling in the role. I think he could pull it off pretty well and he's not really working at the moment either.

DarkBlood3728d ago

is he not working on that tv show as a producer that involves the girls in it?

Crazay3728d ago

HAHAHAH!!! Dude that narrows it down to...uhmm...any show with girls in it?

DarkBlood3728d ago

i cant remember, i think it had to do highschool or that typical thing lol anyways my point being is he must be busy producing if anything

might be too soon to play as another superhero but i would like to see him on the big screen though

Grandclover3725d ago

I don't care who they get just as long as they ditch the mustache. ugh i always thought this superhero looked so Goofy.