LRA: Cowboys & Aliens - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: Earlier this year we saw another film try to rejuvenate the fledgling alien invasion formula by trying to turn it into an actual war film. While it met with limited success on more than one count it still remained a faithful entry into the overcrowded genre. When I first heard that the project that took director Jon Favreau away from the Iron Man series was something called Cowboys & Aliens I, like many people unfamiliar with the source material, thought it sounded kind of silly. I understood what they were going for, a sort of play on the age old pairing of cowboys versus Indians but with little green men in place of the cowboy's greatest nemesis. I didn't know how much I really wanted something like that though. I mean I like alien movies and I like westerns but it would have to be something very unique for me to put aside my growing weariness for both genres beyond just mixing the two together. I had faith though, Favreau proved himself when he turned the sequel to Jumanji into a honest to goodness great movie with Zathura so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. However it seems that his downward slope is still in effect (I didn't care too much for Iron Man 2) and while he has made a solid movie here, he has somehow made one that just isn't very much fun.

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