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Man of Steel Set Photos Reveal Smallville

Coming soon says:

As preparation continues for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, new images of the Illinois set have emerged through the film's Facebook page and fan photographers Mike Scola, Bill Schofield and Joe Sperandeo. Below is the first look at the Kent family farmhouse and surrounding locations, including buses labeled "Smallville School Dist".

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Crazay3739d ago

i think the anticipation for this movie is fast hitting a feverish pitch. Some actual cast photos should be incoming sooner than later.

bebojet3739d ago

Great... Another retelling of the origin of Superman. As if the comics, previous movies, cartoons and Smallville wasn't enough.

Crazay3739d ago

At first i wasn't too keen on the idea of sitting through an origin story, but now I've warmed up to it because I think this will just be the start of a really good trilogy of movies.

bebojet3739d ago

I hope Superman faces a better villain than Lex Luthor. If he's up against Doomsday I'll be in line days before release.

Crazay3739d ago

He'll be facing off against Zod - it's common knowledge now.

Quagmire3735d ago

It would be great if they did what Louis Leterrier did for his Hulk film. The entire film was a standalone story, however the intro credits shows a brief retrlling of his origin. That would work well with MOS, as people have already seen Superman's origins about 100 times over, having a brief 2 minute flashback on his origins will allow for more development of Superman himself.

KMCROC3739d ago

Wasn't the house on the right & the barn on the left in the original movies when you were coming from the road. just wondering why the show Smallville & this reboot decide to change their arrangements .