Player Affinity | Attack the Block Review

Player Affinity writes: Attack the Block is another send up of typically American genres by Big Talk Productions, the company that made Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. For me it is great to see that aliens do invade outside the USA. Attack the Block is a very competent debut by Joe Cornish who combines a witty script with lots of action and horror in an 88-minute package. There was a certain B-Movie charm to the movie, a little like John Carpenter with characters grabbing whatever they can for weapons, including a katana (I will say this again, a team is not complete until you have a man with sword), and with the way the score sounds and even the font for the title. For horror fans there is plenty of violence and gore to keep you happy and the aliens are effective monsters with their long black hair and glowing teeth. Cornish needs to be praised for using as little CGI as he did.

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