Breaking: Die Hard 5 Will Send McClane And Son To Russia But First They Need A New Director

Twitch Film Reports:
Rumblings of a fifth installment of the Die Hard franchise have been circulating for better than a year now with things appearing to firm up in June when word broke that Noam Murro had been attached to direct with a script being written by Skip Woods.

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Christopher4083d ago

And Son? So, like all other Die Hard movies, ignore pretty much everything that developed from the previous movies?

Quagmire4079d ago

My guess is theyre gonna cast a younger actor as his son in order to continue and milk the Die Hard franchise long after Willis is gone.

VMAN_014083d ago

I'm guess so. I kind of like that though as it it's not really a movie which has any true continuity apart from the family members. Every movie is its own stand alone adventure.

alycakes4080d ago

Yeah...he did have a daughter and a son in his first two movies. They showed them a couple of times just for a few seconds.