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Shadowlocked - Torchwood S4E4 Review

Shadowlocked - “Miracle Day: Escape to LA”

Oh, poor Oswald Danes. Someone is trying to steal his spotlight, and worse, they’re just as bad as he is. Enter Ellis Hartley Monroe, a pastiche of Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. She has made a name for herself by condemning those who have been affected by the miracle with her “Dead is Dead” campaign. The slogan is pasted all over walls, pamphlets are handed out on the street, and she’s all over the television with her message of hate. She tells us that since the government, the medical community, and even the Vatican won’t speak out about it, she will. And Oswald isn’t happy at all about this little development. Who will come out the victor in this little skirmish?

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alycakes4031d ago

This gets more curious every week. It seems like they can't go on like this for much longer and I really don't know how they world would cope if a situation like that really happened.

Very suspenseful.