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Battleship Trailer Ruins Favorite Childhood Game - GameZone

GameZone's Matt Liebl writes:
Look, it’s not the fact that Battleship is being made into a movie. Well, it is that, but here is my big problem with the film: it doesn’t make any sense! The ONLY thing this movie has in common with the board game is the fact that it does contain battleships. That’s all. I don’t remember my carrier being attacked by a giant, flying alien ship. I never used the phrase, “Your alien ship sunk my battleship!” Down Periscope, the 1996 comedy film starring Kelsey Grammer, should’ve been called Battleship. That had more to do with the game than this crap.

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Soldierone3737d ago

I wonder if this will turn out to be awesome....Im hating it too, however what if in the slightest of ways this turns into the next greatest thing to hit movies....?

Arcee3735d ago

Honestly, I want to cry every time I think of this. Battleship? Aliens? Really? That was the best plot?

Why not have it be two hackers that broke through the US military's defense grid and are now pitting one US carrier group vs another and they must race to bring their systems back online and secure them before the hackers do manage to land a strike on each other killing innocent sailors?

That is what I first thought of when they mentioned a Battleship movie was being made. Not this...

Quagmire3730d ago

Sweet jesus, you story sounds fucking awesome. That would be somewhat true to the game, but the whole hackers thing will mean a better story and characters rather than retarded american army soldiers shooting aliens with cgi and 3d and all that BS.

hazelamy3735d ago

ok so it bears little to no resemblence to the game.
but taken as a movie on it's own, it doesn't look too bad to me.

i'll go and see it because it looks like a fairly decent alien invasion movie, not because it's very loosely based on a, sort of, board game.

hell, if a film about a theme park ride can turn out as well as that did, then who knows what could happen.

it could be worse, somebody is making an angry birds film after all.