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LRA: Top 5 Films Featuring Harrison Ford

LRA writes: Harrison Ford is such a cinematic icon that it almost seems like blasphemy to narrow his long and illustrious career down to five movies. But just because he has portrayed some of the most iconic characters of our time doesn't mean he can't make some bad choices here and there which he most certainly has. Some may cry fowl that I didn't include any of his Tom Clancy films or one of his better comedic performances in Working Girl but while those are good films, they are not my favorites. He was without a doubt the king of the eighties though (notice that all five of my picks are from that era) and none of his past or present work has ever been able to hold a candle to any of those masterpieces (arguably). Most of these are open and shut cases that would be on any persons list and certainly don't need my endorsement. While I would have loved to include some of his lesser known films, although there is at least a couple here, I couldn't in good conscience leave those more i...

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Yi-Long3742d ago

... although TBH, I'm not a big fan of him as an actor. I like the guy, I like many of his movies, but I can't say his acting-skills blow me away when I watch him.

dweavis3742d ago

The Fugitive was very close to being on there. I was going back and forth between it and Witness. I honestly couldn't make up my mind between the two and am still kind of back and forth now even after committing to one of them, lol.

And yes, despite him portraying such legendary characters he has never been thought of as an outstanding actor. But when he finds a character that fits his style of acting it is usually movie magic.

Sahil3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )


The fugitive is my all-time favorite movie of both ford and lee jones. great acting by both of em!

krazykombatant3742d ago

One of the finest actors out there.

belal3741d ago

indiana jones, star wars, thr fugitive, and the plane hijack movie( don't remeber the name). ALL great movies. he is better than most of the actors today. Only a FEW actors like christian bale, denzel washington, client eastwood,bruce willis, russel crow and Mel gibson is slightley above him.


belal3741d ago

ah yeah thanks! will download this now :D