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TheGameEffect | Captain America: The First Avenger Review

Thank you, Joe Johnston. Thank you for finally going back to your Rocketeer roots and giving us a film worthy of Captain America’s superhero status as a symbol of American patriotism. I’ll be honest, I was worried as I bought my ticket and prepared for the second blockbuster Marvel movie of the summer. The Rocketeer I loved (but I was a kid when I last saw it). Jumanji – was laughable. October Sky – eh, it was okay I guess. Jurassic Park III – a disgrace. Hidalgo – boring. The Wolfman – embarrassing. Johnston did not have a good track record in my eyes and I had every expectation that he would screw this up. I was proven wrong, and Captain America: The First Avenger ranks up there as one of the best adapted comic films to hit the big screen in quite some time.

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