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Kevin Bacon to Play the Villain in R.I.P.D. Opposite Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges

Apparently Kevin Bacon had fun being all evil in X-Men: First Collider Writes:
Class, because the actor is looking to take on the villain role in the supernatural comic-book adaptation R.I.P.D. Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges are set to star in the film which centers on a cop who’s recruited by a team of deceased lawmen after he’s killed on-duty. Reynolds plays the recruit, and sets out with the “Rest in Peace Department” to find the man who murdered him. Bridges plays Reynolds’ new partner, a gunslinger who has been dead for hundreds of years.

Credit: Variety

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alycakes3740d ago

They continue to add good actors to this and I'm still in with this this plot.

Sahil3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

wow.. this gets better and better, first reynolds, then bridges and now, kevin bacon.. I hope they are not thinking of adding al pacino in this.. otherwise i'll die of immense excitement