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Will Alcatraz Be the Next Lost?

Player Affinity writes: "With the recent screening of the pilot episode of Alcatraz at Comic-Con 2011, many are wondering that very thing. Only a few months past the one year anniversary of Lost ending, it seems like fans have already been clamoring for ages for a show to take its place. Will Alcatraz be the series to do it? Lets find out, and take a closer look at this new series that is already generating buzz, just by its connections to one of the most discussed television series in recent history."

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Assumedkilla3733d ago

The trailer for it seemed more like Fringe, but I wouldn't mind another Lost. I wish we didn't have a young Barbie as the "serious" lead though.

alycakes3733d ago

It does go more on the Fringe side of things. It's going to be very interesting to see where they take all these characters. I will be watching this one to see how long it takes to see if it makes it. I want it to be one of the shows that's soooooo good that I just can't wait until the next week's episode but as soon as I get that way....they end up cancelling it.