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The Bat Signal Shines In Pittsburgh Reports:
Batman loyalists shine his symbol on a city skyscraper yet again! To commemorate filming starting this week in Pittsburgh for The Dark Knight Rises, local tech companies Idea Foundry and Lightwave International displayed the symbol on the Highmark building. Check it out after the jump.

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Soldierone3743d ago

Thats a rather basic logo though. Something more complex, maybe even words, would e a lot harder. The one at the top is barely visible period as is.

Its a cool idea, I just hope the work out the kinks. Could create a futuristic looking New York

MinimeJer053743d ago

That looks silly, but is cool for a random viral marketing advertisement!

alycakes3743d ago

Well, you know, it's downtown Pittsburg. Maybe to them it was their way of honoring the crew and actors as their guests or something like that but didn't want it to look like too big a deal.

alycakes3742d ago

I thought's just their way of saying 'Welcome'.