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Player Affinity | Five Movies That Took Themselves Too Seriously

Player Affinity writes: It’s your typical story complete with all the clichés that mark the Western genre. Craig is the man with no name and no memory (start the violins please). He wakes up in the town of Absolution where the people don’t take kindly to strangers (do they ever?). The town is overseen by an old-timer with a bad attitude played by a snarling Ford. Of course, the stranger they beat the crap out of in the beginning of the movie is the only one who can save them when the UFOs land in their town and start snatching their women, children, horses, and hogs.

Some people are calling this a comeback of a genre – a reinvention of sorts. I’m calling it a potential disaster based on an unshakable feeling. Cliché city, a premise so ridiculous it can only be explained in the most basic of titles, and major stars (with serious acting chops) attached and top billed. I detect a movie that has gone the route of taking itself way too seriously. It wasn’t the first, it won’t be the last, and this is hardly an exhaustive list of the uppity cinematic experiences we at PAM can recall.

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Assumedkilla4079d ago

I agree with the list... besides Funny People. I like first half better because it was serious, then it became a romantic comedy, which is lame.