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A Declining Cinema?

The number of cinema attendees is said to be declining. Numerous explanations exist, the most noticeable would be the rising price of cinema tickets and the over-priced refreshments.

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Soldierone3733d ago

Was somewhat hoping for more out of the article. I know the reasons its declining its rather obvious. The point about the crowd itself being annoying is a big one for me, so we don't go till the week after the movie released and not on a weekend.

However how can we fix this? We want GOOD MOVIES. If a movie is awesome, people will say its awesome, and people will go. Saying "oh it was badass, this exploding, then a giant alien attacked!" isn't good enough. We have seen visuals. We know thats all possible now, so its not that fun anymore.

Now its time to go back to stories. Back to what made Hollywood so awesome. Back to having memorable experiences and movies that actually surprise you.

Its either that or theaters close down for a week or two and revamp everything. add in 4D effects, such as lights that intereact with the movie. Add better sound systems, clearer projectors, etc...