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This Week's Cover: First Look At The Men Of 'The Hunger Games'

EW Writes:
Two months ago, Entertainment Weekly revealed the first images of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen, the teenage hero of The Hunger Games, based on Suzanne Collins’ blistering dystopian trilogy about children forced to fight to the death on national TV (and due out next March). In this week’s cover story, we introduce you to the devoted young men who fight for her.

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darklordzor3744d ago

Wow, what a boring cover. At least the one with Katniss was more dynamic cause she had a weapon. This is just boring. Also, I know it's an issue that's been brought up before, but these guys look way too old for these roles.

alycakes3743d ago

They actually are too old for their is jennifer Lawrence. I guess they couldn't trust getting anyone as young as they were really suppose to be in the book to fill the bill on this one. They've kinda grown on me though and the one that plays Peeta has kind of a baby face.

darklordzor3741d ago

I knew they were actually too old, but there's a difference between being too old and looking way too old for a part. Jennifer Lawrence actually looks okay for the role, these guys do not.