First Trailer For 'Battleship' Misses the Mark

From TMP:

The first trailer for the big budget alien invasion flick that's loosely based on the board game Battleship has landed...Sadly, this feels like a movie we've already seen.

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darklordzor2693d ago

Don't worry the trailer is completely in English but has the annoying Spanish subtitles.

alycakes2693d ago

Is this another alien movie like Battle LA? I'd never heard of it until today.

darklordzor2693d ago

Yep, like Battle LA and Skyline, except this one is supposed to be loosely based on the board game.

alycakes2693d ago

Oh...okay, the kids used to love the board game, maybe I should have paid more attention to it.

Soldierone2693d ago

Where the hell did they find aliens in the board game? Really? Why can't we have a friggin army movie without aliens in annoying.

The whole first half of the trailer was boring, and sounded a lot like the horrible Battle LA army advertisement....

Quagmire2693d ago

Why can't we have a friggin aliens movie without the retarded American army in annoying.

coolfool2693d ago

I reckon it's political. If you choose aliens as the enemy you aren't villifying any particular country.

gamesmaster2692d ago

yeah but its always America that saves the day, i wanna see North Korea save the world for once..

coolfool2692d ago

Actually that would be good. To show that at the end of the day we are all on one planet that is getting smaller and more cramped so there is no reason why we all can't get behind common goals. Obvisouly in the real world this wouldn't be aliens (aliens are good for the movies though). In the real world it might be something like global warming or world famine.

drdistracto7072693d ago

Oh Liam Neeson, where has thou career gone to?

Quagmire2693d ago

If your wife died, you wouldnt want to be stuck doing depressing films, would you?

drdistracto7072692d ago

or just quit while your ahead like Gene Wilder

coolfool2693d ago

I quite liked Unkown. It wasn't great but it kept me interested.

johnsonbat2693d ago

It's a rogue Metal Gear....

darklordzor2693d ago

Ha! That's great. You know, now that you mention it, it does kind of resemble a Metal Gear...Hmmmm.

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