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The Daily Rotation - Rango Blu-ray Review

Anthony of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Rango follows a lizard named Rango (voiced by Johnny Depp). The movie opens with Rango in a fish tank in the back of a car being delusional. He is acting out a movie with inanimate objects such as half a Barbie doll. This helps explain Rango’s mindset and personality for the rest of the movie. His acting is interrupted by the squealing and jolting of the car that he is in. Next thing you know he is breaking through glass and dodging traffic. What caused the car to swerve you may ask. What else, a dumb animal trying to cross a busy road. The only problem with this concept is that this animal that caused all of this isn’t dumb at all. He tells Rango where he needs to go to find water, however at the time Rango didn’t understand that he had to find Dirt to find the water. Once Rango gets to the town all the fun starts. He starts to make a name for himself by making a lot of stuff up and killing the one thing that bothers the town, the Hawk. Upon killing the Hawk he is presented as a hero to the town and they ask him to protect it. Of course this doesn’t come without its conflicts considering Rango is lizard and one of the villains is Rattlesnake Jake."

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SRC3546d ago

I've been meaning to watch both this and Rio, suppose I'll wait for the Blu Ray discs if only for the colors.

Sahil3541d ago

cannot wait anymore for Rango.. gotta see it today :)