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Ron Howard Won't Complete Dan Brown's Trilogy; Sony Looking For New Director

Deadline Exclusive: Ron Howard directed and produced both of Sony Pictures' films based on Dan Brown's bestselling novels, The Da Vinci Code (in 2006) and Angels & Demons (2009). Now I've learned that the Imagine Entertainment principal will not be directing the next movie based on Brown's 2009 book The Lost Symbol which is a follow-up to the events described in Da Vinci Code. "He wanted to produce this one, not direct," a Sony insider tells me.

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alycakes3745d ago

This I'm not sure about either. I've not read The Lost Symbol so I'm not sure what it's about so I'll have to get more informed before I can really get an idea on whether I think this is good or bad.

It still looks like Ron Howard is involved by producing though so it can't be all bad...who knows...

Sahil3740d ago

That;s great.. i don't want howard to do this movie!