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Player Affinity writes: "The general expectation for the episode following a season premiere is a drop of intensity and overall quality. If you take into account the fact that last week's episode — though more than acceptable — was slightly disappointing, you will understand why my expectations for "Fear & Loathing" were rather low. I must admit, however, that I couldn't have been more wrong. Haven followed through with a gripping story in which no frame was wasted, no dialogue missed the mark, and no drop of intensity occurred. I have liked many episodes of Haven before, but it was always because some characters and some aspects of the storyline stood out and drowned the rest. Until now, no episode stood the test of a more "structural" approach because they all invariably failed in at least one of what I would consider the basic building blocks of storytelling on TV."

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alycakes3743d ago

I have to admit that I do love this show. I didn't want to get caught up in another show and then just have it get cancelled but this one returned this season and it's even better than I remember.

I does keep one guessing and asking questions all the husband doesn't even bother to watch because he says it's a thinking show and he doesn't like to watch thinking shows or movies.....but they're so much more fun to me.