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The Daily Rotation - Another Earth Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Director Mike Cahill crafts a very emotional human drama with science fiction elements that manage to both act as a background to the film and act as a core element. Its Cahill’s focused direction and Brit Marling‘s stunning performance that helps make Another Earth something more. It’s far from just being a little independent film that tries to deal with emotion and sci-fi. It goes beyond the stars in terms of delivering a story, full of tragedy and regret. While the film isn’t for everyone, due to its relaxed pace, that sort of eases you into the characters, it makes it worthwhile for those willing to wait. Patience is rewarded in the end and a feeling of both awe and relief came over me when the end credits rolled. Awe because of the spectacle of emotions I just witnessed and relief because this film could have nosedived at several points, but it didn’t. It stuck to its roots of a character driven human drama and it never shied away from that purpose. It never tried to be more than it was and it certainly was a lot."

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stoofron3744d ago

It looks like a pretty decent movie from the trailers. Looking forward to seeing it when it hits theaters. Nice review

SRC3743d ago

I still want to see the other one she's in that so many people like a lot more. I'll see this when I get the chance though.