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Top 10 Characters: Bill Murray

Kai Parker writes: "This is not Bill Murray’s best movies. It’s not really even his best performances, though that part helps. No, this is my favorite Bill Murray characters and he’s got some great ones.

Before we dive in, let me just say that this list, and my love for Bill Murray in general, is something that is very hard for me. See, Murray is a hardcore Bears fan. Whereas, your friendly neighborhood Kaiderman is a devout Packer fan who goes to church every Sunday in the fall at Lambeau field and bleeds cheese. I should really see a doctor about that last part!"

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alycakes3743d ago

Ghostbuster and Caddyshack I guess were my two favorites on this list. Sometimes he would get on my nerves. I didn't see all the others but I saw a couple of them. I liked Little Shop of Horrors but he really wasn't the main character in it although he was good in it.

JL3743d ago

Some nice ones here and a list that I could agree on for the most part. However, for me, Bob Wiley would have to be higher up on that list (like top 2 or 3). Love that movie and he's just brilliant in it.

reznik_zerosum3743d ago

Lost In Translation is one of the best American movies of the decade,if i wouldn't know i would think that is made by European Director.Very mature piece of cinema,people that i know that hate this film have one thing together,they are complete morons.It easy to hate movie like this but its all about experience.( + film with soundtrack made by Kevin Shields cant fail,Jesus And Mary Chain + My Bloody Valentine ftw )