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Crafting the Perfect Movie Night

Whitney Borup writes: "Right now I’m sitting at home while my husband socializes with friends – talking, playing games, eating snacks, the works. While I don’t mind a night out every once in a while, social anxiety sometimes gets the best of me and instead I opt for books and movies. Friends have informed me that combining the former in social settings is a faux pas, but the latter (watching movies, that is) can easily be combined with talking (minimal), playing games (kind of), and eating snacks (yes! absolutely!) to make an enjoyable, stress free night.

So, if you’re like me and hate/fear your fellow man, here are what I consider to be the key elements of a great movie night:"

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alycakes3743d ago

This is very good...and absolutely right. Really the only way to have a perfect movie night is to get your choice of beverage and snacks, get the movie you want to watch and then cuddle under the covers with your honey. That way you avoid having to do anything else for anyone else.

very, very, stress free.