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James O'Barr on The Crow's 20th Anniversary, His New Project and Dallas

Dallas Observer:
Located beneath the concrete silhouette of downtown, a lone figure rides a painted horse through a vibrant field of fresh and weathered graves. His glowing, amber eyes stand vigil against a threatening horizon overtaking the great American plains.

Spanning the courtyard of the Double-Wide, the mural stands as a tribute to the artist from whom it came. The mural demands the attention of the bar's patrons who struggle to light their cigarettes in the face of the dark horseman.

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alycakes3745d ago

I didn't know this man that wrote and made 'The Crow' so long ago with Brandon Lee was such a wonderful artist. I looked thru this artical and then looked him up and he's just amazing. If I could have talent like this....well, I just don't know what I'd do but wouldn't it be wonderful?